Settlement Agreement Sample India

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The fact that this instrument of comparison has the force of law and that it is submitted and transmitted to the authorities concerned with a view to the transfer of the respective shares of land between the parties. If requested by either Party at any time, the Parties to this Settlement Agreement shall be required to issue noc and export other documents that may be necessary with respect to the transfer of immovable property. The settlement agreement is a document that attests to the agreement reached between the parties, which obliges the parties to an agreement to respect the terms agreed upon as a result of negotiations between the parties. That the parties voluntarily accept this transaction in accordance with their will and execute the NOC with respect to the transfer of assets from their name to the beneficiary parties within the meaning of the Family Settlement Agreement. In criminal and antitrust matters, the conditions of a valid contract must be met, as it concerns the general public. The actual understanding of the parties is covered by the settlement agreement. The provisions must be clear and clear and include the subject matter of the dispute/settlement. Settlement Agreement is formerly known as a compromise agreement under labour law….