Letter Of Agreement For School

Based on the rules of the class and the code of conduct of the school`s students, students miss the break and receive notification to the parents of behavioral violations. Notifications must be signed by a parent and returned to the teacher the next day. · Family holidays are considered unexcused absences and should therefore be scheduled on extracurricular days. Prior authorisation in principle is required in case of special circumstances/emergencies. Whenever possible, a parental wish letter is required at least a week in advance. Another registration during an extended inexcusable absence cannot be guaranteed. · · Violation of probation status results in the student moving to the neighborhood school or any other school or parental choice. As part of the monitoring of this agreement, teachers record records for each child and record violations when they occur, so they can intervene and communicate with the student and family to bring awareness and change when needed. · A probation meeting may take place after the 9th absence and the student may be asked to bring a medical card for any future absence. The school can also send the district representative for a home visit.

Students with excessive absences can be referred to the District School Attendance Review Board (SARB). · Permanent absences due to illness are supervised by the class teacher and the school nurse. After the 3rd absence, a parental letter is sent. · According to state and district guidelines, students are reported as late if they arrive at school too late or if they are dismissed prematurely from school before the end of the school day. All Tardies rely on the record of permanent attendance of a student. Parents receive written notification from parents on the day of each delay. Students are present on time and in all classes and stay at school throughout the teaching day, unless they are sick or have apologized beforehand for a family emergency. · Given that a good student attendance is a proven determinant of students` academic success and that public funding relies only on the actual schooling of students, all students are expected to attend school every day they are doing well. Students are expected to stay home only if they are visibly ill, have a significant temperature and/or are contagious. · After the 4th Tardy for the school year, a formal letter for the parents` signature is sent home and a conference with parents, students and the teacher is organized to develop strategies to relieve the persistent late model.

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