Group Supervision Confidentiality Agreement

The problem was overcome by putting in place more appropriate training, supervision and support processes for peers, which aimed to raise peer awareness, identify critical situations in which a young person needed additional support and transfer of funds. You must break confidentiality if, at any time, the health or safety of the person seeking your help or another person is threatened. Recommendations on the management of confidentiality issues include: the aim of this Directive is to clearly identify situations in which your privacy and confidentiality are respected and to identify the limits of confidentiality and what happens in those situations. The importance of regular, accessible and useful supervision should be stressed – if no qualified official is available for the parts of the programme, the programme should not be continued. If the coordinator is the speaker, the time must be identified within the to ensure availability. Group control can also be effective if implemented on the theme, but can never replace the ongoing individual control. Young people are less likely to use a peer support service when the level of confidentiality is not clearly communicated and they do not feel safe to disclose sensitive information about themselves. It is therefore very important to have guidelines that clearly clarify the service`s duty of confidentiality and to adequately train peer supporters in respecting these principles. Here, too, it is important that peer supporters have an accessible superior who helps with problems that are too complex to deal with on their own. Code of Conduct for Exhibition on Practitioners` Premises – A3 Poster All supervision sessions are confidential, with the exception of the exceptions below.

During our first session, we will spend time studying your specific supervision needs and what best fits your learning style and level of development. If you do not want your personal data to be collected in a manner provided for in this Declaration of Consent, Sydney Online Counselling and Coaching may not be able to provide you with the service. I am only reachable during weekday working hours and I am not ready for a crisis service. .