Victoria Secret Credit Card Agreement

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We have received a series of reports of people who are having difficulty making payments on this card, either because of problems with the payment processing system or because of administrative errors. Apparently there is no Autopay feature with this and a few other maps from the Comenity Bank, which is a major drawback. (It`s 2020, Comenity! Get yourself with time!) The Victoria`s Secret Angel Card offers strong benefits and rewards for victoria`s Secret Shopper, who spend a considerable amount of money on their lingerie. Just pay attention to its high APR; You won`t want to carry credits on the card, or there may be more curse than a blessing. Hello, Kirstie! Is it possible that you gave them your email during check-out for a previous purchase? They may be a member of their loyalty program and not realize it. Even if you visited the VS website, it asks for your email in advance. It is doubtful that someone made a purchase on your behalf, but you could contact them if you are concerned. As mentioned above, there is currently no way to view/print your actual rewards directly from the map management platform. Comenity Bank is the issuer of the Victoria`s Secret Angel Card, and it is known to have a lot of problems themselves. Most problems focus on customer support and payment processing, although many cardholders report that their credit limits are also significantly reduced.

This is especially important for the fishing card, as it has a very high APR, like most memory cards. Be sure to pay your entire account statement balance each month to avoid interest charges. If you don`t, interest charges (also known as financing fees) can quickly deny all the rewards you earn. If you`re looking for a flexible bonus card that earns bonuses for daily spending categories or deserves travel benefits, this is not the card for you. Unfortunately, we have received a number of complaints about this card, including customer service and how payments are handled. If you use this card, make sure you pay your account and pay your bills before the due date to allow processing delays and give you time to correct errors. Consider paying for your purchases during the month before your statement of account is generated. However, you are entitled to double points if you make a credit card payment in the store at the time of purchase. This bonus points offer is only available once a month and bra purchases are not allowed for double points.

Victoria`s Secret cardholders receive rewards based on the value of their purchases, both online and in-store. There are three different reward levels: Angel, Angel VIP and Angel Forever, which reflect the amount of money spent over a 12-month period. All cardholders will receive one point for each net purchase of $1 on their Victoria`s Secret credit card. Once a cardholder receives a certain number of points, i.e. spends a certain dollar, he moves on to the next level. Victoria`s Secret cardholders can use Comenity Bank`s co-brand platform to manage their account. Since the beginning of the year, I have received many angelic awards, with no value to them.