Silver Chain Registered Nurses Agreement

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If a job has a registered contract, the premium does not apply. However, registered contracts apply until they are terminated or replaced. You must complete a number of forms, some before your job interview, including: You can also use any combination of these secondary identification documents that must contain your photo and/or signature (worth 40 points for the first, then 25 points for each other document on this list): you can view and promote our national job offers on our online work agency. As part of our recruitment process, you must perform a physical assessment. This implies that your interviewers ask a number of questions primarily about your skills and experience. We want to assure you that you are fit to play the role, and vice versa. They meet with a friendly and professional panel of interviews, which usually consists of two people. Interviews usually last one hour, although this may vary depending on the role. If you are applying for a role that directly deals with our clients, you must do a functional ability test to determine your ability to cope with the physical aspects of the role.

It is designed to ensure that you are able to do your job without risking your safety or injury. The test applies to: We offer a number of career opportunities to help or coordinate our directly supported clients. Roles include: In this role, you perform health assessments over the phone or personal for patients with complex and chronic needs that allow our clients to manage their complex care needs themselves and minimize potentially preventable hospitalizations. We will ask you for the contact information of two professional arbitrators – the people who took care of you during your previous job. At least one should be a new employer, ideally your current employer. Silver Chain has the opportunity for a co-ordination assistant to join the team of our Everglades Social Centre. You will manage the day-to-day operation of the centre, from audit to cane, guide new visitors and check their needs. We will take a copy of your certificate for our registrations. Silver Chain currently has the opportunity to offer an experienced nurse 1 registered nurse, health navigation and acute sezie reaction for complex patients in the community.

You will join an innovative team of Health Navigators that offer integrated care.