Beta Testing Agreement Document

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The above conditions form the whole agreement between the parties and reject any prior communication or agreement regarding the purpose of this agreement. There are no written or oral agreements directly or indirectly related to this agreement that are not set out here. This agreement can only be amended in writing and signed by both parties. 3. Print at least several copies. Both parties should sign each copy so that both parties can obtain an original copy. You will find this agreement very useful as supporting documentation in all your fundraising activities. This beta testing agreement (« agreement ») governs the disclosure of information by LiquidSpace, Inc. (« Enterprise ») to `The Recipient`) and the recipient`s use of the company`s beta service offer. Dispute resolution, applicable legislation and jurisdiction.

The parties will endeavour to resolve all disputes relating to this agreement through informal negotiations in good faith. If the first negotiations do not resolve the dispute, the parties would choose a mutually agreed mediator in a mutually agreed place to try to resolve the dispute. If the dispute is not resolved, each party can only appeal to a federal court in the Northern District of California and each party submits irrevocably to the jurisdiction and jurisdiction. The laws of the state of California govern this agreement. The dominant party in a dispute may attempt to recover its legal fees and fees. Any breach of the confidentiality obligations of this Agreement or any unauthorized use of the services or intellectual property of one party by the other party may cause irreparable damage. Under no circumstances can this agreement be subject to the United Nations Convention on International Goods Contracts. This is the whole agreement between the parties regarding the purpose of this agreement and all other conditions are rejected. A waiver or amendment to this agreement is only valid if it has been signed in writing by each party. The waiver of a violation of a clause of that clause should not be construed as a waiver of a clause or other violation of it.

If a provision of this agreement is found to be legally unlivable by a competent court, the other provisions of this agreement remain fully in force. » The legal agreements used for beta testing are usually grouped into a legal document or agreement.